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MPC started their journey a few years back as a group with some initial footsteps, taken by a few photo-enthusiast.. It continued by exploring the different aspects in order to seize some moments from ' life '.

With some highlights and challenges MPC continued his journey to the juncture, with grand success of hosting of 1st MPC National Digital Salon 2017, while becoming the corporate member of the FEDERATION OF INDIAN PHOTOGRAPHY.

Currently it continues a few ceaseless meet to discuss about photography, photographs and moments, as well continues different photography runs. The members take part in various national and international photography salons and with flying colors. 

Vision & Mission

The vision & mission of the Circle is to promote or propagate photographic art & science among enthusiast & photo loving people through different developmental activities such as arranging & conducting photographic exhibition, workshop, education, awareness program, debates, discussions, excursions etc. and safeguard the interests of photographers.